“Sick doggy. Need Help. Go Home” Three Words That Transformed A Life

A sick pit bull without a name was waiting for the right kind soul to find her at the shelter. The struggle, fearful dog, spent each day hiding in the back of her kennel until she met this loving two-year-old. That was the moment it all changed.

The moment that this two-year-old saw that pitbull locked in a shelter kennel, she asked her mom to take her out, and the two have been friends ever since. The little one showed saintly patience, giving the scared dog all the time she needed to open up and love.

The little girl wiped the sick dog clean with her dress and stayed permanently concerned, telling her mother, “Sick doggy. Need help. Go Home.” How can you say no to that?

Scarlett received a name, a home, and a best friend for life. The transformation is incredible. Single-Handedly, this two-year-old nursed the sick pitbull back to good health, but the most amazing thing has to be the cutie’s personality.