She Is Talking To Dad On The Phone. But You Won’t Stop Laughing When You See Her Doing THIS

This little girl loves talking to her dad. When this 16 month old baby got a call from her daddy dearest, she just couldn’t bring herself to give the phone back to her mama. As she starts talking in her own language, you can’t help but melt. Her enthusiastic phone call is surely going to leave you smiling.

This baby is named Emelia and I was amazed at her talent to carry on a conversation! I couldn’t understand a word she spoke, but her mother clarifies in the description that ‘buggy’ means a bug while ‘num num nummies’ means food. I’m sure dad can understand every word and he’s enjoying every minute of his baby’s conversation.

This little girl is so cute in her pink polka dot dress, but what makes her even cuter is that she holds the cell phone like a grown up and walks around the room like an adult. Clearly, she has seen her mom do this many times.

She must miss her daddy a lot while he’s at work because she sure doesn’t seem like she’s going to give this phone back to mom any time soon. I wonder what her daddy is saying on the other end of this conversation. Maybe he’s just listening because he can’t get a word in edgewise!