Precious Baby Loves to Hear Andrea Bocelli Sing to Elmo

When we listen to certain songs or artists, it can significantly affect our mood. While some music may make us happy, others can tug on our heartstrings. This baby gives a raw, emotional reaction when he hears Andrea Bocelli singing Elmo.

Abriel is an adorable child who loves classical music. This up close and personal video of the precious baby listening to Andrea Bocelli is the cutest thing on the internet. We can clearly see his range of emotions as he listens to the iconic musician.

When he first spots Elmo, Abriel’s face lights up with excitement. You see, Elmo is his favorite character, and Abriel looks forward to watching him every day. If you combine that with his love of classical music, you’re in for a treat.

When Andrea Bocelli starts to sing, you can see Abriel’s eyes begin to well up with tears. It’s incredible how someone so young can hear the touching music and feel its effects. The emotional back and forth pull is definitely something worth watching.