Photos of adorable baby doing manly things become viral sensation

This is the manliest baby the world has seen

Matt Mac is a dad who just can’t wait for his infant son to grow up and start doing ‘manly’ stuff. He takes pictures of the toddler doing quite amazing things and makes them look unbelievably convincing.

Ryan, his youngest son was born prematurely but was still quite the healthy young man. Now the baby is already a star without him even knowing what is going on.

Matt had previously tried this with his daughter sometime back and the reception of the pictures was amazing. He then decided to do the same with his youngest son.

He dresses Ryan in different outfits and takes cute photos of him. Matt then proceeds to photoshop the adorable baby ‘doing’ some really manly jobs and voila, the child is already a grown man.

This is the manliest baby the world has seen

Today he is a mechanic and tomorrow he is the biggest guy in the gym lifting weights. We can all agree this is quite an interesting way of documenting some cute memories.

We must also laud the father’s creativity. Not everyone can think of getting this creative with their children’s photos. We can only imagine baby Ryan’s reaction when he grows up and sees how he was once an internet sensation because of the photoshopped photos.

With the adorable video garnering more views, we can’t wait to see what Matt and his little champ will give us next. Either way, we are here for all the good laughs they bring.

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