‘Old MacDonald had A Farm’ becomes dance off for adorable twin toddlers

For twin toddlers, there is no better entertainment than one another. These two girls put on a routine for the ages while listening to nursery rhymes.

Certain songs just make you want to dance and from the moment they start playing. When twin toddlers were listening to ‘Old MacDonald had A Farm’, only one sister was getting into it. She was dancing and stepping to the beat while enjoying every moment.

The other sister seemed unphased by the song as it played from the smartphone. Even when the catchy hooked played, her feet never caught on to the beat.

About halfway through the song, the real magic started. The energetic sister got more into it, and in turn, her enthusiasm was infectious. Soon, both sisters were singing and dancing to the lovable tune.

Nursery rhymes are easy listening for the younger generation. But give it enough time, and even an adult can’t resist singing along.

As they grow older, the twin sisters will find even more things in common. At the moment, music and technology seem to be their favorites. Hopefully, they will continue to find even more fun things to enjoy together.