It Took A Lot Of Coordination For Newborn Quintuplets First Photoshoot

Twins, triplets, multiple children born at the same time have always marveled people all around the world. For some reason, it feels like the couple has transcended what nature originally planned. It is like doing something extraordinary for which people would be remembered. What an experience to have so many children at once.

When a couple is being told they will have twins, a million questions start to pop up in their head. How will I take care of two babies? What happens if both babies start crying at the same time? Will I even be able to afford two babies? Normally, family and friends start pitching in with presents the minute they find out.

But what if it is more than two? Triplets? Quadruplets? Quintuplets? The amazing Seals family of Texas had one last shot at getting pregnant. And boy, did they get pregnant! Five babies; quintuplets. This video is of the Seals quintuplets born at Baylor University Medical Center Dallas on March 18th, 2014, having their first photos with mom.

There is so much activity with these precious little babies in the video because they are having their very first official photoshoot. There are nurses and photographers, and everyone is keen to have a hand in helping out. Let’s hope Mrs. Seals has a few helping hands when she gets home. Those four beautiful baby girls and the handsome young baby boy are going to keep mom on her toes for a while.

Mom and babies are dressed in red and white, and they all look bright and happy. There isn’t one shot of any of these five precious babies putting up much of a fuss either. What a sweet and happy family. How lucky we are to share in their first photoshoot.

It Took A Lot Of Coordination For Newborn Quintuplets First Photoshoot