Mother Hears Sweet First Words From 2-Month-Old Baby

When you’re a new parent, your entire world changes forever. There are a lot of things you experience for the first time, including the anticipated first words that your child speaks. This eager mom was able to capture her adorable newborn speak on video.

It takes babies up until they’re between 12 and 18 months to start talking. At just two years old, this adorable little guy is way ahead of the curve. His mom has a camera pointed on him as she says, “Come on, you can say it. I know you want to talk.”

You can’t help but smile as his big beautiful eyes and precious smile. His mom reassures him one more time that he can talk to her if he wants. As he gets a sparkle in his eye, he takes a breath and says, “Mom.”

Experts say that “da-da” is a lot easier for babies to say that “mama.” This handsome little man proves everyone wrong with his impressive first worlds. Who knows what else he’ll accomplish in his life. We know one thing is for sure, he’ll be stealing hearts from here on out.