Mother Gets Work Done By Putting A Cardboard Cut Out of Herself For Son

A crying baby is a Mom’s worst nightmare. Such was the case with the Sato Family, who’s son would cry endlessly if his mom was away. The mother then created a life-size picture of herself with cardboard and put it just out of reach, but within sight of her toddler, when she needed to go out of the room.

The child was seen playing happily but repeatedly looks at the picture of his mother to see if she is still in the room. This little trick may just what many moms need to do to get simple chores done around the house while their child plays.

Mrs. Sako still comes in to check on her child every 20 minutes or so, while another adult is there to watch him in her absence. The presence of her picture allows her to do simple things like, have a shower, or prepare a meal. This trick may just be what every mother of a clingy toddler should try out.