Mom’s version of ‘Ava Maria’ makes her child tear up

George is a baby that has strong music preferences. His mother becomes a personal jukebox to show the world his likes and dislikes.

Jennifer Stavropoulos is raising a son that understands the impact of music. As George coos and plays in her arms, she taps into his emotions by singing a range of songs. Each one affects him, albeit in different ways.

First of all, the kid is a natural headbanger. George loves heavy metal and seems to get the most enjoyment when his mom is singing it. A little bit of Black Sabbath may be in George’s future playlist.

To show her range, Jennifer even includes your average baby songs. She gets a lot of playful reactions from George when she sings her version of ‘Everybody Clap’ from The Seasons. It’s a simple, yet catchy song.

But the biggest reaction of them all comes when the mom sings ‘Ava Maria’. As if turning on a switch, there is an acknowledgment that the current song is sad. It is beautiful to watch in real-time when the entire mood changes.

Imagine hearing a sad song comes on the radio that imparts a feeling of great emotion. Whatever meaning ‘Ava Maria’ has to George, it’s something that touches his very soul. Cheers to the mother and son relationship, and may they continue to feel new music together.

Mom’s version of ‘Ava Maria’ makes her child tear up