Mom’s jaw drops when this 2-month-old says his first word

When Christian said his first word, he was just 2 months old – and his mom is glad she was able to catch his perfect ‘hello’ on camera.

Each baby is different, and despite the milestones set out by pediatricians and child specialists, everyone develops at their own pace. However, 2-month-old babies usually aren’t speaking. Christian’s first word came as a huge surprise.

His mother, Samantha Jones, was recording a video for a friend at the time. Like any love-struck parent, she couldn’t help but take a multitude of pictures and videos to commemorate her child’s growth.

As she urged Christian to say hello to a friend, she never expected him to actually respond. As she coos ‘hello’ at him to get him to respond, Christian smiles and comes right out with the word, pronouncing each syllable perfectly.

Though we can’t see Jones’s reaction to this development, we’re sure that she couldn’t believe her ears. The internet is right along with her. When she posted the video to Facebook, it quickly went viral.

Now, with over 2.3 million views on Youtube alone, this little guy’s first words have been witnessed by a host of people. Who knows where this kid will go once he grows up?

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Mom’s jaw drops when this 2-month-old says his first word