Mom Tries Teaching Her Young Sons To Dive With Hilarious Results

This mom is working hard to teach her boys how to dive. The extraordinary attempts of one boy have everyone cheering and smiling. Just watch!

Mom seems to be pretty good at diving, so she is demonstrating the step by step approach. The kids are apparently very interested in the activity, and very serious about being successful.

The older of the two is a serious student, listening to mom intently and executing a pretty good technical performance if I do say so. He is working hard and really making an effort. By Jove, I think he’s got it!

His younger brother is earnest in his attempt, too, but this may be the best belly flop of the year. You have to give him a few gold stars just for making it in the water and giving it a second chance. With that attitude, he’ll be a good swimmer in no time.

These kids are learning how to swim and dive early in their lives. That’s quite an important skill and mom is making sure they learn it early. We’re also thankful mom (and dad) are right there making sure everybody is safe.

Some people are born to be in the water and are natural swimmers. This child is, unfortunately, evidence that is not true of everyone, but that doesn’t stop him. With a little practice, this tiny tot will be as graceful as a baby dolphin.

Check out his form in this delightful video below and pass it along to a friend so they can chuckle, too. It’s well worth it. Enjoy!

Mom Tries Teaching Her Young Sons To Dive With Hilarious Results