Little girl dancing with her shaggy Prince Charming is just adorable

Just when you thought the ballroom dance scene from ‘Beauty and the Beast’ couldn’t be more perfect. Enter Emily, 3, and her best friend and dog companion Rudy.

Emily is the luckiest kid ever because her best friend is a dog named Rudy. Since birth, these two have been inseparable. They truly are best friends!

Rudy is the most patient dog we’ve ever seen, because he allows Emily to play with him in many ways that normal dogs wouldn’t. For instance, here, she gets him dressed up as Beast from her favorite Disney movie, ‘Beauty and the Beast’.

One day, while watching the film for the 100th time, Emily said she wanted to get dressed up in her Belle costume. It didn’t take long for her mother, Kaylee, to have the idea to dress Rudy up as well.

What follows was a short, beautiful family moment in which Rudy sits back while Emily ‘dances’ with him. They have the movie playing in the background. Emily tries to lay her head gently on Rudy’s shoulder, at which point we absolutely lost it.

They’re adorable together. Rudy is so patient, and he gives Emily about 40 seconds of dancing before he’s finished. It’s definitely one of the best home videos this family could have asked to capture.

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