Little girl adorably ignores military regulations

I dare you not to get a lump in your throat as you watch this unbelievably emotional reunion between a soldier and his adoring child.

Military separations can be hard on anybody. Let alone little kids who have to suffer the unbearable pain of having their father, mother, brother, or sister away for unbearably long periods.

This child is no different. Her father is participating in military service. Strict protocols dictate that soldiers must remain at attention until the service is over.

However, this little one, divinely oblivious to military rules and regulations, decides to give her father a big ol’ hug. The little girl is so happy to see her father in the flesh.

Her father returns the love, and the little girl goes back to be with her Mommy with a smile on her face as radiant as a million suns.

After the service is over, families heartily hug their military members as waves of love oscillate from one end of the auditorium to the other.

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Little girl adorably ignores military regulations