Irish Dancing Baby Could Give Michael Flatley a Run for His Money

Babies are truly a gift of beauty and joy. They are untethered from the constraints that hold most of us back. In the early years, they usually display a great amount of energy. Excited to be so active out in the world, playing with a mom or dad, being silly in the cutest ways around.

Music can really spice up any scene. We see that come true with this adorable scene. A tiny baby needed a diaper change, and as the music played, she quickly realized what a talented little guy she had. As he moved his legs almost like he was swimming.

With the right backdrop and a change of attire, I’m sure this little guy would wow audiences of any size! This is one St. Patrick’s Day that she won’t forget for quite some time. Nor will I, for that matter.

I watched him repeatedly with his rendition of the river dance. He moves all around and even sports different leading arms during it. When you see the little tyke joyously flaunt his kicks and knee work, with such an overwhelming precision, you’ll quickly fall in love with this young boy.

His precious little arms and legs really had my heart tingling with appreciation and overwhelmed with adoration. When you see him I’m sure you’ll feel the same way.

Irish Dancing Baby Could Give Michael Flatley a Run for His Money