Imaginative dad creates virtual roller coaster for happy daughter

A daughter finds that there is no place like home when her dad creates a virtual roller coaster. It was imaginative, fun, and a wonderful bonding experience for both.

Parents go to great lengths to entertain their children. When the options at home are limited, creativity is a requirement. While doing chores, a dad took time out of his day to give his daughter an exciting surprise.

He set up the television for a view of a first-person roller coaster, and then put her in a wash basket. After holding her up like Simba from the Lion King, the fun began.

They mimicked the thrill of going up the ride, the same tension build-up that makes everyone love roller coasters. Once the downward descent started, the real fun began. He moved and shook the basket, perfectly copying what was on the television screen.

It was thrilling from start to finish, with his happy daughter clamoring for more. And on an impressive note, this dad got a good upper body workout during the process.

You don’t need a lot of money to have fun. Parents are always thinking of ways to keep their kids entertained, and a virtual roller coaster is one of many. The next time you take a break out of your day, think of ways to turn your environment into its own Disney World.

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Imaginative dad creates virtual roller coaster for happy daughter