Huge Plate of Marshmallows Devoured by Adorable Twin Babies

Mealtime and snacks are one of the most adorable moments for new parents to enjoy. Their fresh bundles of joy make the cutest faces and sounds while getting their squishy tummies filled with a tasty treat.

Michael Hoffman is the father of a set of precious twins girls. Hoffman has a Youtube channel that showcases cute moments from his family, and he’s no stranger to a video going viral. In a recent stint, the twins seem to find themselves in the snack cupboard.

These little cuties share more than just genetic material; they also can’t seem to get past their dual craving for marshmallows. Michael charismatically reacts to the girls grabbing for their favorite sweet treat and grabs them a plate.

Sitting side by side, his precious daughters dig into the fluffy flavor of mini marshmallows. One of the girls takes small bites while the other shoves handfuls into her little mouth. In a matter of minutes, the delightful duo is ready for seconds.