Grumpy Baby Becomes Cheerful Whenever Daddy’s Around

Little Mickey was fast asleep in her crib when her kindhearted father walked in to get a glimpse of his precious baby sleeping. He had the camera on his phone rolling just in case she was doing anything cute.

In less than a minute, Mickey was waking up and began her adorable baby stretches and little eye-rubs. Eventually, her beautiful eyes cracked open, and she started to take in her surroundings before she let out a small cry.

When she saw dad, he immediately said hi to her. This small action instantly calmed her tears and brought a giant smile to her tiny face. Dad told her how much he loved her, and Mickey immediately melted into a puddle.

Having a loving and affectionate father drastically improves the baby’s mental health and development. He may not have realized it, but these small actions have a significant impact that can greatly reduce her chances of developing things like anxiety and depression as this little cutie grows up.

Grumpy Baby Becomes Cheerful Whenever Daddy\'s Around