Flute music enhances the brains of babies

Music soothes. Turns out it also heals and boosts brain growth, especially if you’re a preemie. See why science is turning to music to save the brains of premature babies.

Babies that are born prematurely have special challenges to overcome. Modern medicine has done a stellar job of meeting the physical spectrum of those challenges.

But what about the mental? A baby that survives premature birth with good physical health could be in line for neuropsychological disorders down the road.

More specifically, prematurely born children are at risk for developing disorders that affect their ability to learn, their attention span, and their ability to manage emotions.

They just aren’t ready for the outside world when they’re thrown into it. They have too many stressful, negative stimuli and too little good, structured stimuli.

Flute music, especially that of the punji, or Indian snake charmer’s flute, has proven to not only soothe babies, but boost their brain development, and lower the risk of neuropsychological disorders.

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Flute music enhances the brains of babies