First year of baby’s life in the most adorable 7-minute montage

Parents record the cutest 7-minute montage of their baby's life

Most parents take great care in documenting their child’s early life so they can all reminisce on it at a later stage. All the special events are carefully recorded and stored away.

Some though give it a much more creative touch, which often reveals incredible insight into a child’s life. Sam Cornwall and his wife are such parents, and their innovative take is simply marvelous.

Considering their baby boy Indigo’s arrival, Cornwall’s decided to video a second of every day from the birth to his first birthday, which they would then put together in a montage.

The magic behind it is in how genuine the whole take is. You can see how Indigo learns to master facial expressions. You notice the changes in his physical appearance and his abilities.

Parents record the cutest 7-minute montage of their baby's life

His first steps with his father’s help almost want you to encourage him to do some more and the excitement to see him walk alone a few seconds later is just so uplifting.

Hearing him laugh, cry, talk gibberish, and seeing him grow up leaves you with a feeling of a connection. It truly is a beautiful testimony to a child’s capability to grow and learn.

And although Indigo would still be too young to appreciate all this, the parents decided to gift him the montage on his first birthday, hoping he will understand it in the future.

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