A day in the life of a family with quintuplets

Life with a toddler can be hectic and exhausting – now picture life with five. The Scott family lives in St. George, Utah, with seven kids, the youngest being toddler quintuplets.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

With so many children, they need to have a strict routine. Older brothers, Landon and Shayden, help their parents get the three girls out of their cribs and then the two boys.

With all five toddlers squared away with their bottles of milk, the day can begin. Landon is on dish duty, while Shayden helps cheer up one of his cranky sisters.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

When asked what it’s like to have five toddlers, Mama Scott beams and admits that it’s beautiful. She says every morning is like Christmas morning seeing their beautiful smiling faces.

Shayden and his dad have a little question-and-answer session in the car before school. Shayden says his favorite thing about his younger siblings is how excited they are to see him when he comes home.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Then it’s off to Costco to go shopping for diapers. Four giant boxes should get them through the week. It’s close to Christmas, and all the toys are out. It’s a good thing the kids aren’t shopping with dad!

The Scott family sure leads an entertaining and crazy busy life. The love they show for each other is so inspiring. What a beautiful example of family teamwork!

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