Family shares their easy-going routine with 3-month-old twin girls

3-month-old twin girls

“Hang With The Bangs” is one of many family vlogging channels on YouTube. The Bang family loves to showcase their everyday adventures and the parenthood learning curve with their twin girls.

Dad Jake starts the vlog with a rundown of how he likes to spend his mornings. Before the girls wake up, he takes the family dog, Zeke, for a walk and has a calming breakfast cereal.

He throws a daily load of laundry of the girl’s things before one of them wakes up around eight in the morning. Scout is the first one to wake up. The 3-month-old baby stretches in her crib while Jake asks how her night went.

Jake then showcases all the various essential oils that they use on the girls. According to him, these oils help with the babies’ immune system, among other things. The new dad also gives a beneficial tip on how the Bang family differentiates the girl’s things.

3-month-old twin girls

The bottles are color-coded to identify whose bottle is whose. Scout’s are usually green, while Davey’s are pink. About thirty minutes later, the other twin wakes up. Now it’s Davey’s turn to get ready for a brand-new day. Kelsey, the twin’s mother, says that the girls wake up very sweet.

During the day, the girls enjoy listening to classic Disney music. They get to dance around with mom and do tummy time on the playmat during the afternoon. By the end of the daily routine with mom, Kelsey offers a helpful tip.

The new parents have multiple diaper stations around the house to have everything close by. Kelsey also jokingly says that she doesn’t like getting things done around the house as much as she loves to spend time with her adorable twins. The Bangs make a day in the life with three-month-old twins seem pretty chill.

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