A doctor is making getting an injection fun with his hilarious method of administering shots

Doctor is making getting an injection fun for little baby

Going to the doctor is no easy feat for some people. And getting a shot? Don’t even think about it! But what if the entire vaccination procedure came with a goofy doctor and a silly tune?

A doctor has found an exciting and unique method of administering shots to babies. Wouldn’t you have wanted to have a doctor like this as a child, or even as an adult?

The pediatrician playfully pokes the baby with the capped syringe while making sounds and faces. This makes the baby comfortable before getting the scary shot. The baby is distracted and happy throughout the process.

Doctor is making getting an injection fun for little baby

The father holds the baby’s arms as the doctor pokes, probes, and tickles the child. The baby is captivated by the silly doctor. And if you are not watching the needle closely, you too will miss the moment in which he gives the shot.

You will only realize that the pediatrician has given the baby the shot as soon as he sings, “Take the thumb, thumb, thumb.” The baby didn’t even make a peep during the injection.

You can hear a faint “You’re kidding me?” from the mother behind the camera. It’s impressive to see how distracted and comforted the doctor has made the baby feel during the child’s shots.

After the doctor blows some bubbles at the child’s face and the mother jokingly adds, “Can I make an appointment for myself?” Wouldn’t you also want a fun and easy-going doctor like this?

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