Darling baby boy falls asleep on the hand of a nurse during examination

Being a baby is hard work that never ends. This little boy takes a break in the middle of his examination and everyone laughs.

A day in the life of a baby boy can be exhausting. After waking up, it takes forever to warm his breakfast. By the time noon rolls around, he has already gone for a walk and had a snack.

By the time he made it to the hospital for an examination, half the day was gone. So, can anyone blame him for taking a nap on the nurse’s hand?

That was probably the thought process of the child when he looked up at the nurse. Both the nurse and dad chuckled, as the baby boys’ emotions went from worried to comfortable. The dad rubbed his back, and the nurse made sure the stethoscope was warm.

It didn’t take long for the kid to relax and eventually warm up to the entire examination. With a playful nurse and attentive dad, this kid was all smiling in the end.

There is a moment in the video where the cheeky smile of this kid lights up the room. He is like a completely different person once he realizes he’s among friends. These moments of growing up are the best times to be a parent.