Dad shares special moment between son and dog that will warm your heart

When you put toddlers and dogs together, nothing can get cuter than that. And this video is proof of it all. This friendship between a baby and a dog is very touching and adorable at the same time because it involves a very special boy.

This video is captured by a dad for his son, as a memory and reminder. He has recorded many emotional moments between his son and his dog. Most of the clips from this video have been taken secretly as to not disturb the flow of friendship between these two. And I think he did the right thing. We can observe the natural relationship between these two friends.

The connection shared between these two has sparked so many reactions from viewers. Jacqui Graham writes, “When I was two, my family acquired a Standard poodle pup named Babette. Smart, perceptive, and possessing a great sense of humor, Bets was my best friend, constant companion, protector, and confidante until she passed away at age 15. This video brought back memories of the many good times we had together.” special

Sharon Hofmann says, “This little boy will grow up to be kind and compassionate. The dog is doing his job in the best way. This dog understands he is with a child and is tolerant of that fact.”

Dogs are gentle creatures if they are given pure and innocent love. Watch this heartwarming video and pass it along if it made a difference, and let us know how it made you feel. We would love to hear your story, too.

Dad shares special moment between son and dog that will warm your heart