Cool dad uses Jedi powers to make his son burst laughing

This is how you make your baby laugh using Jedi power

The Star Wars series is one of the most trending and successful sets of movies of all time. I mean, everyone, even if they haven’t watched it, knows what Star Wars is.

From movie ratings to collector’s items up to life-size standees, there are so many things that Star Wars fanatics can show and boast to you.

Some might even confess that they literally wave their hands to move some things into their house. Of course, we all know that it doesn’t work out the way we expect it.

This is how you make your baby laugh using Jedi power

However, this Star Wars fanatic dad will indeed prove us very wrong. Using his hands, some inner force within, and a little bit of help from his feet, he can basically move his son’s high chair.

The little guy bursts into real laughter and giggles in fun as the chair moves back and forth towards dad. This only shows how effective the Jedi power is.

Though we all know that the Jedi thing is just a creative and fun way to entertain his kid, it’s still undeniable that this dad is nailing fatherhood in one of the most extraordinary ways.

Star Wars might just be a fictional movie to some. Still, to other people, it’s an inspiration and a motivation that they can use in their daily lives.

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