This Little Boy Gets SO Excited When Daddy Comes Home

Parents will always have a special place in our hearts. They raised us, nurtured us, took care of us, and helped shape the people we have become. They are our first connection in the world and aim to make our experience an amazing one. They do their best to coddle us and prepare us for the real world.

In our video, a young boy is playing, his mom filming, when he hears a noise at the front door. Keys jangling and the release of metal guards, tumblers of locks release and the door is open. The young baby’s face immediately changes.

“Who is that?” asks mom, seeing if the baby will run over to the one entering the door. “Is that dad?” she asks again, as the clear and obvious expression of joy and love covers the young boys face. He is so excited that he is shaking!

When you see the look on his face when he hears the first “Hello, little guy,” from dad, you will be overcome with joy. It is so precious how this little lad gets so excited he is shaking – what a little cutie.