Bookworm Baby Bursts Into Tears when Story Ends!

Storytime is a wonderful time because this is a moment where parents bond with their children (not to say they don’t bond with them otherwise, but reading is a wonderful thing) and where they introduce new characters and the world of imagination to their young ones.

For this nine-month-old baby, storytime was a time where his mum would read out to him, and he would listen to her voice, bringing the story to life. Watch how he listens attentively to his mother as she reads him his story. It’s so adorable!

Usually, a happy toddler, Emmet, who was born in Michigan, starts to wail as the story ends. It’s his automatic response to getting his mum to read out another story. His mother Alicia Stevers looks nonplussed at his crying hysterics when the story ends, but watch what Emmet does when she opens the book again.

It doesn’t matter if she’s reading the same story again and again, as long as Emmet can hear his parent’s voice. I think the baby is soothed and comforted by the knowledge his parent is nearby and paying attention to him. The same thing happens when his dad reads out to him too. And this is not just a one-off event; the baby cries every single time a story ends. I guess he’s really into reading and I’m sure the infant will get a head start when he starts school.

A true bookworm, I totally understand how he feels when I reach the conclusion of a book. It’s like, no, the story can’t end! I loved this video because the baby is just so cute, and I would probably behave the same way now as well.

Bookworm Baby Bursts Into Tears when Story Ends!