Adorably Confused Baby Meets Twins. The Look on His Face Is Priceless

We have all experienced Déjà Vu. But have you ever met the same person for the first time—all over again? Yes, we’re talking about twins. We know that hanging out with twins can be some of the most confusing and fun times in your life.

Do you remember how hard it was to tell twins apart when they share the same hair-styles and clothing? Do you remember how you reacted when you met twins for the first time? Was it hard to speak? Did you find yourself staring?

When this toddler, Landon, meets two, adorable twin-sisters for the first time, he is more than confused at first, but you can see he figured it out in the end.

Anyway, this is one adorable video. Watch what he does when he is left alone with the twins. I laughed so hard that my ribs started to hurt. Adorable.