Baby Performs Vigorous ‘Irish Jig’ To Traditional Folk Music and Everyone Is Applauding

Here’s something that will get you in a Celtic mood for the upcoming St Patrick’s Day celebration. This adorable young baby, only a few months old, is a budding Riverdance super-star in the making.

When her Mom puts on some traditional Irish folk music, this little one leaps in, literally, and starts performing a lively Irish jig and it is a joy to watch. When the music begins, the baby’s face lights up with a delighted smile.

Her hands make tiny fists, and she holds them straight down her sides, just exactly like the prominent Irish dancers do. Then the fancy footwork starts, and keeping in time with a fast beat, she performs her complicated steps and flashing feet right to the very end of the track.

During her performance, the tiny tot adds a few typical arm movements, just as they do in a Riverdance routine. It is almost eerie the way this baby imitates an Irish dancer 😉

It only emphasizes how natural the love of music is to us. Right at a basic, intuitive level. After all, this adorable infant has had no formal dance training, but she still moves almost precisely like a trained dancer would in response to the lively beat of the folk music.

This little star’s passion for dance and music points to a future in performing and the arts. Here’s hoping her Mom ensures that she can develop her talent as she grows older. Who, knows, in twenty years time we may be royally entertained once more, by this talented little miss.

Baby Performs Vigorous \'Irish Jig\' To Traditional Folk Music and Everyone Is Applauding