At Mom’s Encouragement, 2-Month-Old Reveals His First Word Ever

For every parent with a newborn, each day is spent watching your little one explore more and more of their world. There are first laughs, first steps first crawl, and most importantly, the first word. And these proud parents were lucky enough to capture their baby’s first words on camera.

Learning a new language is an incredible feat for any human, especially those who are only two-months-old. That’s why this video capturing one baby’s first real word is so incredible – we are able to witness him taking the first steps towards verbal communication.

Most babies don’t utter a word until they’re at least 6 months old, aside from the constant stream of burbles and nonsensical sounds. Imagine this mom’s surprise when her 2-month-old looked right into the camera and checked off one of his “firsts.”

At first, all this baby will do is grin for the camera, but, after a little bit of encouragement from his mama, he readies himself and says…”mom!” After hearing him repeat himself again, we’re convinced that this genius baby is off to the races with his first word ever.