Air Travel Proves To Be Too Much For A Toddler To Handle

The process of Air travel can stress the best of us. First, you have to travel to the airport, then stand in queues to Check-in your luggage, then sit in transit for hours until the flight boards. Then stand in a line again when boarding starts. Imagine if all this was happening to a child. How do you think a child will react?

One such three-year-old child was on a flight going to Newark, New Jersey. His screaming is heard throughout the video. The mother asks the flight attendant to switch on the wifi earlier, so she can distract him using the iPad. He seems to be distracted for a while. But he quietens when he is allowed to run through the isles of the plane. Soon The screaming starts again.

The flight is quite difficult for everyone on board the plane. It seems that the child is not used to air travel at all because his screams continue. The mother asks him to sit down at the beginning of the video, and it sets him off. The crew worked around the clock to keep everyone calm, especially the little boy.