Ain’t no crib that can keep this baby in!

Baby heads to the edge of the bed and finds his way down in epic fashion. Parents cheer from the pavilion.

If you think babies cannot inspire you, think again. Adults do not have a monopoly on genius problem-solving and razor-sharp analytical skills.

I present this 8-month-old baby to prove my argument. His parents are either extremely irresponsible or geniuses like their offspring.

They watch and cheer the baby on as he reaches the edge of the bed. Insane, right? But, wait. This is not your average baby.

As soon as he reaches the edge, he adjusts his posture parallel to the drop-off. Then, he positions himself perfectly and reaches down with his left leg.

With the left leg safely at the bottom, he brings the right one behind it. His legs have not yet reached the floor so he shimmies his upper body and uses his core to scale down the bed.

This little genius has not yet learned to walk but he has figured out a way to leverage his yet-weak legs to solve another problem. Exquisite, isn’t it?

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Ain’t no crib that can keep this baby in!