Adorable Twins Recite The Lord’s Prayer And Almost Get It Right

The Angus twins love their bible and have just about memorized the entire “Lord’s Prayer.” Wait until you see who is first to try, and just when they struggle. It’s adorable.

Nicole wasn’t interested in reciting for her dad, but Natalie couldn’t wait to start saying the “Lord’s Prayer” as loud as she could after being asked to speak up. The two eventually team up in the most adorable prayer you’ll ever see.

Nicole just couldn’t get “and forgive us our trespasses” but eventually, together, these cuties manage to deliver a version that’s perfect in every way that you look at it.

Don’t be surprised if you find yourself watching the funny Angus twins over and over again. Nicole and Natalie are the best!


Adorable Twins Recite The Lord\'s Prayer And Almost Get It Right