Adorable Toddler Gets Funny Singing Lesson From Quirky Father

Being a dad is one of the best feelings in the world. You get the opportunity to help mold the young mind of your own flesh and blood. Fatherhood is full of moments that warm your heart and make you feel happy like you never have before.

Jordan Watson is a New Zealand native that runs the Youtube channel, “How to Dad.” Many of his videos are hysterical and cheeky how-to videos that star his charming two-year-old daughter.

When Jordan decides to teach his daughter how to sing, it’s something you’d expect to see on a comedy show. The toddler is a show-stopping in the making, and the comical pair share special chemistry on screen.

Teaching everything from the fundamentals of music to the different genres there are, Jordan gives the little cutie a boatload of information. The tiny tot’s sassy attitude makes this “How to Dad” episode that much more entertaining.