Adorable baby girl snorts herself awake at 10-days-old

Adorable baby girl

Babies are a sight to behold at any stage of their life. Anything that they do is deemed cute and adorable because they see things with such wonder and curiosity.

No wonder this baby is receiving lots of views and comments regarding the questionable faces she is making. Baby Emma, at only ten days old, can move her face in funny ways.

The two-minute video shows the newborn girl coughing and squeaking as she tries to wake up. It seems like baby Emma has an exciting dream throughout her entire adorable interaction.

Adorable baby girl

It is incredible to witness such a young baby making very expressive faces at this stage in her life. Usually, around four months old, a baby starts to imitate other people’s facial expressions.

Baby Emma is ahead of the race. She opens her eyes widely and closes them back again. She coos and moves from side to side as if asking for another few minutes of sleep. Who has not felt that before, in the early morning?

But, alas, the baby girl has to wake up. As someone said in the comments, it is as if her tummy and mind wanted different things. The twinkling eyes of baby Emma as she tries to wake up are beautiful and heartwarming to see.

The YouTube video of baby Emma has over two million views and more than nine thousand upvotes. She is a viral sensation in the making. Like many have said, God bless this little angel.

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