A family with quintuplets shows us a day in the life

Having children is one of the biggest blessings that any family can ever have. Even more, having multiple children can be a real rollercoaster ride of fun and excitement for families.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Having twins is considered rare; having triplets is rare; having quintuplets is practically unheard of. This family gives us an insight into their world with quintuplets, along with two other kids.

Starting the day early at 3 in the morning, this family indeed has their hands full. Going on an early morning walk with the whole family, they get a chance to escape their home and enjoy some fresh air.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

They’re described as being similar to being on house arrest. Still, with babies, they’re genuinely relieved to have this moment of escape. Luckily they have two teenage boys that can help out with the duties.

They even utilize a unique stroller system for the quintuplets. There’s a triple stroller for the 3 girls and a double stroller for the two boys. These newborns seem just fine with this arrangement.

Image Credit: Madly Odd

Every aspect of this family’s life seems like some sort of significant event. Even simply weighing the children, they involve the other kids to hold the babies as they stand on the scale.

Having children is one of the most incredible experiences any family could ever have. For this family, having 7 children, and 5 of them being quintuplets, they indeed have a lot to manage.

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