A baby’s first words sends his mother into a laughing fit

A lesson in first words turns into a funny bonding moment for a dad. The mom laughed, and the dad learned the value of a good book.

Imagine a father bonding with his son during storytime. The toddler has yet to speak, and the proud father has been slowly teaching him specific words for weeks. With an animal book in his hand, a determined father blurted out ‘dada’ with every page turn.

His son was excited about every page turn, and sometimes turned the page himself. As the baby pointed to each picture, the dad made the correct animal sound.

It seems as if an invisible bargain was struck between father and son. If he wanted to hear the animal noises, it would always come with a quick dose of the word ‘dada’. As the book neared its end, the son looked like he was ready to speak his first words.

The dad was excited, and perked up for the moment everyone had been waiting for. All of his hard work came to a screeching halt as his son uttered the words ‘mama’.

This video is proof that this young kid has a bright future as a heartbreaker. His mom was delighted, and the dad couldn’t stop himself from laughing. In the end, everyone learned a valuable lesson about storytime.

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A baby’s first words sends his mother into a laughing fit