A Baby Meets Dad’s Twin for The First Time. His Confused Look Is Just Too Adorable

Did you ever wish you had an identical twin growing up? Just imagine all the pranking possibilities in school, with your friends and family. There are some funny stories circling the internet about twins and the pranks they pull.

The following video is a prank on a baby. It’s an innocent prank, so don’t worry, no babies were hurt in the making of this video. The baby is about to meet his uncle today but has no understanding of his dad and uncle being identical twins.

This precious toddler is VERY confused – especially when both dad and uncle have their glasses on at the same time. Actually, the poor baby was confused with glasses or not.

Dad and his brother seem to be getting a kick out of the baby’s confusion – and to be fair, it is pretty adorable. This poor little one doesn’t know who to go to. Enjoy the video below, you are sure to have a giggle at this sweet toddler and the confusion expressed.