5 Day Old Baby Calms Down When His Mom Puts Him In A Tub That Feels Just Like Her Womb

The small newborn featured in this clip is Lucas. He is just five days old. Babies can find it hard to adjust while transitioning out of their mother’s womb into the real world. The comfort and ease that their mom’s womb provides is unparalleled, so the first few days can be really hard sometimes.

But a new product called The Tummy Tub has been acting as a brilliant substitute. It was developed in Holland and is created in the shape of a woman’s womb. When newborns are gently put inside it, it makes them feel safe again and it also calms them down. The tub can also soothe indigestion, gas, and colic babies. It stimulates cognitive and physical development too. It is great for the environment as well since it uses less water and energy.